HEAP's Assessment Item Bank

HEAP's Assessment Item Bank

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

Health Education Assessment Project (HEAP)

HEAP's Assessment Item Bank

One of HEAP's key resources that supports the mission of improving health literacy is a continually-expanding, 2000+ assessment item bank aligned to national health education standards. Click here for item bank coverage and development details.

Member states utilize the online item bank in various ways to meet state needs. For example,

  • Michigan has aligned the item bank with their health curriculum. Michigan teachers can search the item bank by grade level and specific unit in the Michigan curriculum and develop their own appropriate classroom assessments. Michigan also is using the item bank to develop an opt-out test. Using the collaborative technology, Michigan's health education team evaluated, designated, and edited when needed, the desired items from the bank.
  • DC Public Schools have also developed assessments utilizing HEAP items, with field-testing in Spring 2011.

One of HEAP's innovative efforts to continually build and improve the item bank has been to design a professional development component, called cognitive complexity progressions, that guides teachers and other health educators, using expertly-developed models, in developing assessment items that require and assess higher levels of cognitive demand.

Using MetaCat Web 3.0 technology from MetaLogic Inc., HEAP engages in ongoing collaborative item development with seamless online testing that, combined with the large reach of HEAP into the nations's health classrooms, enables a very efficient and cost-effective model for developing a national health literacy test, as well as continual efforts for improving health literacy in many directions.

Please contact Nancy Hudson, HEAP Coordinator, CCSSO, for more information!

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