The Secrets of Cosmetic Surgery ?>

The Secrets of Cosmetic Surgery

When people think about beauty, each has its own opinion and ideas. Some women consider that being beautiful means to have long hair and a nice nose, while others consider that beauty is about having a slim waist and bigger breasts. However, each of these opinions is true and each aspect can be improved with the help of cosmetic surgery. 111

It’s now available for both men and women, but those who do use it constantly are the women, and they do this out of several reasons. Some choose it for improving their self-esteem, while others do it for fixing an unpleasant aspect – like after giving birth to several children.

No matter what your reasons are for using this, it’s only natural and normal to know beforehand what you’re diving into when thinking of cosmetic surgery. There’s no perfect formula for beauty, as it’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, there are some things that can be improved and you should use it only when there’s no other option.

It’s Permanent

Unlike a makeup, a cosmetic surgery has a permanent result. There are different types of cosmetic interventions – some are done just with a needle, like the Hyaluronic Acid shots for the wrinkles, while others are invasive indeed, like a face lift. Both of these are for correcting the wrinkles of the face, but while the first one has a temporary effect, the surgery is permanent.

It Requires a Specialized Doctor

When you’re thinking of having a breast augmentation, a face lift or a tummy tuck, the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that this cannot be done by any doctor. You are required to use a professional practitioner – a specialized surgeon in cosmetic surgery. Some are specialized in more areas, while some surgeons only offer you specific types of surgery. This means that when you’re thinking of choosing something like this, you need to find the doctor that is right for this type of surgery.

It’s Not Cheap

There are cosmetic surgeons that require cheap prices for interventions – those should be avoided at all costs. The thing with this type of surgery is that it’s made only by those who are specialized in this area, so one who asks for a cheap sum of money is not sure to be professional. They might not have the right type of experience, or they might not have the right type of medical facility. Don’t be blinded by the fact that it’s cheap – sometimes a cheap price can lead to further post-op complications that will be extremely expensive.

It Has Risks

Each medical procedure involves risks, but with a cosmetic surgery, the risks are even more specific. For a rhinoplasty, a liposuction or a face lift, there are specific risks that are involved. A specialized doctor will tell you everything you need to know on the type of surgery that you’ll be undergoing. It’s a professional sign from his part to tell you everything that is involved when doing this type of procedure.

Special Requirements

To make sure that your surgery goes as it’s supposed to be, you need to always respect what your doctors tell you. For example, if they say you’re not allowed to smoke for two months prior to the surgery, then you need to stop smoking. The same goes for using the pain killers after the surgery, along with other medication. You need to know everything that is important, and all this info you can get only from your doctor who will perform the surgery.  112

In the end, what you need to know about any cosmetic surgery is that it’s important to be done only when it’s necessary. It can indeed improve the physical aspect, but it’s also important for you to realize that you can’t get addictive on this – choose only those procedures that are necessary for living a better life, to be satisfied with your aspect and also to accept that there may be some things that you wouldn’t be able to change.

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Cosmetic Surgery after Becoming a Mommy

Many women lose the beautiful aspect of their body after they have given birth to one or more children. It’s only natural to happen so in some cases, because birth is a complex process that results in many bodily changes that can negatively affect the impression of the woman about herself.  6

However, there are some things that you can do after you have given birth so that you can restore your body shape faster. Not everyone has a high metabolism to burn the fat in a fast pace, so for these women, the best thing to do is to start caring for themselves as soon as possible.

Without Surgery

In some cases, there’s the possibility to look beautiful again without using cosmetic surgery, but this is only for those women with a good genetic structure. They can use physical activity and a healthy diet to get back at their ideal weight and looks.

However, this doesn’t always help, and in many cases, women who have given birth choose cosmetic surgery and interventions to look beautiful again. Let’s see what these procedures can be.


Breast Lifting

This is something only natural – many women feed their babies naturally, and once the breast feeding has stopped, they realize that their breasts are no longer hard and beautiful like before. When this happens, when the breast has lost its shape and it looks like sagging, there’s available the breast lifting procedure. It’s adequate for those women who do have big breasts, but who are sagging and not looking good anymore.

When the breast is smaller and the skin has lost its elasticity, this procedure is combined with breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

As was said before, some women realize that their breasts are not just sagging, but they have also lost the shape from before the pregnancy. For this, the breast augmentation procedure can bring back the aspect, using silicone implants. It’s an invasive procedure, but once it’s done, the women will have beautiful looking breasts which could be fuller than before the pregnancy.


7This is something else that new mommies could try, especially if they’re left with a surplus of fat that they can’t get rid of. During the pregnancy, many women gain weight, and once the baby is born, they can’t seem to lose the fat from the tummy or from their legs or any other are.

The liposuction is a procedure that removes just the fat from the problematic areas. However, make sure you choose the right surgeon when doing this, as it’s delicate and you want perfect results.

Tummy Tuck

This is not just about using liposuction, but also about removing the extra skin that is left after the procedure of removing the fat from different areas. This usually happens on the tummy, where there can appear a sagging skin which is definitely not something beautiful. This will help women have a beautiful abdomen again, along with hardness and a nice shape.

Eliminating the Stretch Marks

The stretch marks can appear no matter how much the woman has gained weight or lost weight. It’s a natural process that appears during pregnancy, as the skin is elastic and stretches. However, after the baby is born, there can be left some ugly markings on the skin – on the tummy, and on other sensitive areas.8

The breast augmentation will solve them if the stretches are on the skin, while the tummy tuck will remove the signs on the belly. It’s important to realize that if there is no other actual problem with  these areas, you don’t have to go for surgery. Sometimes, the stretches can be removed with different creams or products, but if there also is some sagging skin, only the surgery will help in these cases.

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Rhinoplasty – Tips and Tricks for a Successful Surgery

Yes, you’ve decided to get your nose done, but do you know what this means? The rhinoplasty is an invasive type of surgery, and it’s not as easy as you might think. It does have some wonderful results if it’s made by a professional practitioner, one that is licensed and specialized in this, but you’ll also have to work a little to get the results that you want. 4

It’s true that the doctor does all the work, but your part is also important. Some patients don’t respect the pre-op and post-op requirements, and they end up having to ask for a second or third surgery, as they are not satisfied with the results.

It can happen, of course, but the truth is that to make sure you have the wanted results, you’ll have to do everything by the book. Let’s see some rhinoplasty tips that can help you in getting the nose of your dreams.

When to Choose It

It’s important to know that you can’t have this type of surgery whenever you want to – specialists recommend that you don’t have to go for too many surgical interventions, as in some cases it can lead to addiction.

This being said, try to go for this when you have a medical problem – like when you can’t breathe right, or when your doctor recommends it, or when you have a certain aspect that you want to correct – some have a crooked or lop-sided nose and it ruins the aspect of your face.

The Surgeon

Don’t go for any type of surgeon – there are those who are specialized in rhinoplasty, and they need to be licensed to be able to offer this type of intervention. This is because, even if the medical area is wide and different, this is a specific type of surgery and only someone with the right preparation can offer you what you want.

The Expectations

Don’t expect for the surgeon to do wonders, especially if you have extremely high expectations. You will get all the information that you need about this procedure, but it’s important to realize that the doctor is not a magician, and he or she won’t be able to correct what it’s impossible to do. Keep your expectations at a normal level – you will get all the details about the future look, but you’ll have to wait until after the recovery period to see the complete results, and this can take from a few weeks to a few months.

The Second Intervention

Some types of nose jobs require a second intervention. This will be only for correcting minor aspects and it won’t be as invasive as the first one. Your doctor will tell you from the start that it’s possible to need this, especially when it’s about fixing a medical problem that you have. Even so, the rules will also apply to this second surgery, even if it will be smaller.

The Questions and Answers

You are paying for your surgery, so your doctor needs to answer all the questions that you have. Don’t be afraid to ask anything related to this experience. It may be something new for you, and it’s important to get all the details for having it all clear. The doctor needs to make sure that you have understood the requirements for before and after the procedure, and also the risks. When you’re not sure about something or when you want more details, simply ask until you’re clear.

The Results  5

The results will show only after the recovery period, if you’ve respected everything that you had to. Don’t be afraid that there will be swelling and pain, but this is only normal as it’s about an invasive procedure. However, if the doctor is good, you’ll get the nose that you’ve always dreamt of.

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Be Cautious When Thinking of Breast Augmentation

The medical science has developed so much, that more and more women are choosing breast augmentation for improving their aspects. If some time ago there was available only one kind of breast implant, today there are so many options to choose from, that a woman might find herself at a loss when having to do this.3

Even so, with all the evolution of the medical science, each type of surgery has its own characteristics and whoever wants to undergo an invasive procedure needs to be conscious that there are certain risks when doing this.

Let’s see what you need to know before thinking of breast augmentation, as it’s extremely important to do your homework regarding this.

The Procedure

As you certainly know, the breast augmentation is an invasive procedure that helps women have bigger breast. It’s their need to look beautiful, feel more confident and attractive to the opposite sex, or it’s simply their desire to improve something about them.

However, keep in mind that it’s a surgery – it’s not easy, it doesn’t come without pains and it’s definitely restrictive, at least for a certain period of time after the surgery.

Pre-Op Preparations

As in each medical procedure, the breast augmentation also has some requirements that you’ll have to respect. First of all, you’ll need to tell your doctor about all the medication that you take – he or she might ask you to stop using some medication, or you will get a new prescription that won’t interfere with the procedure.

Apart from this, if you’re smoking, you’re going to have to stop doing this for at least one or two months in advance before the surgery. This will help with slowing the bleeding during the procedure and with a faster recovery once the surgery is done.

Some women who have taken this surgery recommend others to work their backs at least a few months before surgery – this means some workout to improve the muscles so that they’ll be able to sustain the new weight without problems. It doesn’t matter that you choose to increase the size with only one cup – the weight will be felt and it will be easier for you after the surgery.

Post-Op Requirements

We can’t stress enough that this is an invasive procedure, and it requires a certain care after it. The first thing that you’ll need to know about this is that you won’t be allowed to make any harsh movements for some period of time. This includes workout in the gym, swimming or exposing to the sun. Of course, you are recommended to move, but this means that you can take some walks and never lift any weights until you’re fully recovered. Some women have one month, while others get fully recovered after six months.

Apart from this, you’re going to need pain killers, and the doctor will give you some prescription for after the surgery. Don’t be afraid to ask for something stronger, if you know yourself sensitive to pain. Of course, you will receive something that won’t interfere with any other medication that you might take.

It’s important to respect what the doctors tell you that you’re allowed to do and not do after the breast augmentation – this will help you have a faster recovery and of course, less pain when you’ll be at home.

The Risks 

Beautiful young woman in underwear with a slender health body measures breast. Front view over white background.

Each procedure has its own risks, so you’re going to have to ask your doctor about them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you are the one paying for this procedure and they have to answer everything so that you’re clear with what will happen and what can happen. There could be bleedings, or infections or anything else, and you need to be aware of all this. Of course, if you respect all the requirements, the risks will decrease and you will be forgetting soon all the pain. However, not respecting the medical advice can lead you to some things that are definitely not pleasant.

Know the Rules before Going for Cosmetic Surgery ?>

Know the Rules before Going for Cosmetic Surgery

There’s a new trend now that determines women to choose cosmetic surgery, and it’s something that has developed in the last period of time.  The truth is that going with this choice is not something that should be taken easily and lightly, as the cosmetic surgery is something that has permanent effects on the body, and sometimes even on the psychic. 1

This type of advice is valid for both men and women who want to choose this, as it’s important to know some things before you go to the doctor and tell him or her that you want a tummy tuck, a face lift or anything else for this matter.

Let’s see some advice on what you need to be informed about, before choosing plastic surgery.

The Doctor

Yes, the doctor is important and you should know more about him or her. The first thing that you need to take care of is to make sure that the doctor is a qualified specialist – each type of cosmetic surgery requires a certain specialization, and there should be a certification for any of these.

It’s important to know how long has the doctor been practicing, if he or she is licensed to offer the procedure that you need and so on. Don’t avoid making a thorough research before choosing.

The Meeting

Looking online and asking your friends is OK, but it’s never enough. The best thing to do is to meet the doctor of your choice in person. It’s important to have a thorough check up before doing the procedure, and only with a face to face meeting will this be possible. A doctor who tells you that you will go under surgery (no matter what type of surgery it is) without meeting with you is someone who really needs to be avoided.

The meeting and the checkup is part of the techniques used by the most reputable practitioners, and it’s also a necessary step in the process of making the surgery. Here it doesn’t matter if it’s cosmetic or any other type, as the doctor needs to know the medical background of the patient to be able to deliver what is expected of him or her.

The Procedure

Once you’ve found a doctor and you have met with him, make sure you ask all the necessary details about the procedure. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a face lift to remove the wrinkles or for a rhinoplasty to straighten your nose – each procedure has its own characteristics, and it’s something you definitely want and also need to know.

Apart from asking the questions to your doctor, there is also available the online environment. There are all kinds of resources for you to find out what you need to know about the procedure. It is indeed better to leave from your doctor’s office with all the information that you need, but it’s also good to make research on your own and see what you can find out about it.

The Risks  b50c0760831b67fe78f10639ce3098b3_shed

Each procedure has its own risks and it’s necessary to know them before going under the knife. You can find out about these from the online environment, but it’s better to hear them from your own doctor. It’s important to understand that you will have some restrictions before and after the procedure, and you’ll have to respect what your doctor tells you, if you want to have a good evolution after the surgery.

Don’t Choose the Price

Many people who are looking for cosmetic surgery have the tendency to go with the one that offers the lowest price. It’s true that price can be a determinant factor sometimes, but it’s better to go with someone that offers you quality, even if the price can be a little higher. In some cases, a cheap price will also mean a poor quality, and there are many chances that you won’t be satisfied with the final results of what you’ve expected.

Why Women Choose Cosmetic Surgery ?>

Why Women Choose Cosmetic Surgery

imagesIn an imperfect world, women have come up with the conclusion that the only way to succeed is to be perfect. It’s a wish that they had ever since the beginning of time, as long time ago, there were used different techniques to look beautiful. Each culture had its own ways of showing this beauty, ranging from applying different colors on their skin, to braiding different items in the hair and other things. Later, there have appeared the jewelries and today, women also have available the cosmetic surgery – the last thing that can alter their aspect for good.

Other methods don’t last for very long – the makeup can be removed, the color of the hair can fade and even the tattoos can alter in time. However, with the help of cosmetic surgery, the change is permanent and can give them the wanted aspect.

If you’re one of those women who are looking to improve something for themselves, let’s see what the reasons for using cosmetic surgery are.

Gives Confidence

Confidence is something that some women lack, and in their mind, it’s related to their aspect. Some consider that if they don’t have a beautiful nose or a beautifully shaped mouth, they are not beautiful enough and people don’t look at them. Others consider that a surplus of fat on their tummies makes them look fat and unattractive to the opposite gender. The reasons could go on, as every woman wants to change something. For those who can’t improve the aspect with makeup, there’s the cosmetic surgery that can give them the aspect that they’ve always wanted.

body-plastic-surgeryImproves Something

When we say “something”, we mean one aspect or another. Some choose to go with cosmetic surgery because it’s the only way to change something permanently. For those who have had an accident and it resulted with a broken nose, that nose could look wrong for the rest of their lifetime. The cosmetic surgery can definitely improve this aspect and make it have a natural look.

Others want to erase the signs of time passage – the wrinkles, which give women and everyone else so many problems, can be solved now with the help of cosmetic surgery.

Solves a Medical Problem

There are also different situations when using cosmetic surgery can definitely solve a medical problem. We’re talking about accidents, which could have resulted in damaging the skin or a body part, or illnesses that need this for improving the life of the patient.

For example, if someone is suffering from obesity, the liposuction, combined with other medical interventions can help the patient not only in saving her life, but also in improving the aspect. Of course, the cosmetic surgery will be useless if the woman in question doesn’t do everything that she can for returning to a healthy lifestyle and embracing sports and physical activities.

Out of Habit

There is also a certain category of women who choose cosmetic surgery out of habit. If 50 years ago, the medical science was not so developed, and women used only makeup and dye for the hair, today there cosmetic-plastic-surgeryare different practices that can improve their aspect. Some have become addictive to the different applications of cosmetic surgery, starting from the easiest forms, like Botox injections, and ending with the most invasive form of surgery like tummy tucks, breast augmentation or face lifts.

The truth about all this is that it’s not recommended to cross a certain line, and in each situation, only the doctor can tell you exactly what you can do and what you can’t do in this area. However, there are some who choose to go with breast implants that are larger than necessary, until they can’t move anymore. Some cosmetic surgery – if it’s overdone, can be harmful and can also have devastating effects not just on the aspect of that women, but also on her health.